Our Story

Yan Media is a legal branding and creative agency with offices in New York City and Seattle. We work with law firms across the U.S. to develop brand strategies and integrated communications that help law firms stand out, connect with clients, and become relevant.

Our Beliefs

The most successful law firms have a powerful war cry — a central belief your team and clients can rally behind. In today’s competitive legal landscape, law firms are fighting for attention, emotional connections, market share and longevity. Your war cry anchors your law firm to a belief that can weather any storm, win any battle, and move a group to action. This philosophy is the driving force behind everything we do as an agency.

So take a stand, unlike most attorneys who play it safe. It’s perfectly natural to want to fit in – to stick with what’s familiar and do what every attorney does. But for a forward-thinking law firm, playing it safe is dangerous business. To stand out, you must be willing to take a stand.

Keep it simple. If a brand strategy or campaign rationale is difficult to understand, it’s probably wrong. The best brands are built on a simple concept. Brand strategies, mission statements, and positioning concepts are often essential and almost always helpful. 

Our Agency

Yan Media is structured around a core, multi-disciplinary team with experience in brand strategy, advertising, and design. Complementing this core team is a network of creative specialists.

As a group, we have developed brand strategies, produced award-winning videos, and developed attention-grabbing advertising campaigns. We’ve made legal marketing material interesting and readable. We’ve scripted and directed brand videos for law firms across the country. We’ve made engaging websites that produce results — i.e. clients.

Each member of our team brings different skills. But we are united by a passion for creative problem solving. Whether we are working for a personal injury powerhouse or an estate planning attorney, we approach every client and project fresh. It’s all about keeping an open mind, seeing new possibilities, and staying inspired.

Our Creative Team

We are experienced attorneys who wanted a creative team that could help us connect with our ideal clients across multiple digital media platforms. We wanted a streamlined structure and a flexible process. We wanted to work with people who had a natural grasp of legal brand strategy and would get things done. We couldn’t find the agency we wanted. So we created it.

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